Sustainability Report 2017

REPORTING APPROACH Scope of this Report This Report provides an overview of NWD’s Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) performance during the reporting period between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. The reporting boundary includes NWD’s businesses over which the Group has major financial control and those of environmental, social, and governance significance to the Group and its stakeholders. In addition to our core property development and investment businesses (including the corporate offices and a selected group of residential and commercial properties) in Hong Kong and Mainland China, we expanded the reporting scope this year to include our infrastructure and services business, department stores and selected hotel operations. Reporting Standards This Report is prepared in accordance with the Core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, G4 Construction and Real Estate Sector Disclosures, as well as the requirements stipulated in the latest ESG Reporting Guide set out in Appendix 27 of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEx”). To adopt a more integrated reporting approach and embed sustainability into our business strategy and decision-making process, we havemade reference to the International Integrated Reporting Framework released by the International Integrated Reporting Council (“IIRC”). The Six Capitals Framework is applied in different parts of this Report, through which we illustrate our interaction with the external environment as well as utilisation of resources and existing relationships to create values for stakeholders. Report Assurance Information contained in this Report has been independently assured by the Hong Kong Productivity Council to ensure accuracy and credibility. The independent assurance statement can be found on page 42 of the Report. We welcome your feedback on this Report and other sustainability related enquiries. Please contact us at . NewWorld Development Company Limited 30/F, NewWorld Tower 1, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong T: (852) 2523 1056 F: (852) 2810 4673 4 New World Group New World Development is a member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series 2016–2017 and is listed on the Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index 2016