Sustainability Report 2017

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT We maintain an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and develop trust for transparent communication. To gain holistic feedback on our approach to sustainability this year, we invited our business units to participate in a Group-wide stakeholder engagement exercise. Key internal and external stakeholders in Hong Kong and Mainland China were identified based on their relevance to the Group’s diverse businesses. Senior management of major business units, key internal departments, employees of different levels, customers, supply chain partners, social and green non-governmental organisation (“NGO”) partners, media, etc. were engaged. A series of face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions and online surveys were conducted, followed by a quantitative survey which required stakeholders to rank a list of sustainability issues faced by the Group. This process was guided by the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard, an internationally- recognised framework, and was undertaken based on the principles of “inclusivity”, “materiality” and “responsiveness”. A third-party advisor was engaged to oversee the entire process and ensure credibility. Feedback collected from stakeholders through different channels was analysed and assessed carefully to continuously strengthen the Group’s stakeholder engagement practice and sustainability management and inform business strategies. The following table summarises the identity of our key stakeholder groups, their priorities and engagement channels. AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard Plan Prepare Design Engage Feedback Modify Sustainability Report 2017 9