Sustainability Report 2016 - page 9

The Artisanal Movement is inextricably linked to
sustainability as it embodies the care, creativity
and foresight that go into all of the properties
we develop and manage. The Artisanal
Movement, however, is more than about arts
and craftsmanship, or branding. It is a set of
beliefs that governs everything we do with
regard to our stewardship of the environment,
our treatment of employees, our relationships
with supply chain partners and our contribution
to society. The Artisanal Movement also places
a strong emphasis on lifestyle and the customer
experience. We provide customers with
products and services of the highest quality and
have established systems to gauge customer
feedback and monitor quality. It is the heart and
soul of NWD’s approach to sustainability.
The Board is collectively responsible for the management and operation of the Group and oversees all strategic direction and
financial performance. The day-to-day businesses of the Group are delegated to the management team, who work under the
leadership and supervision of the two Executive Directors and Joint General Managers and the Executive Committee of the
Sustainability Management Structure
The following structure facilitates effective communication of sustainability issues within NewWorld Group.
The Group Sustainability Steering Committee, led by members of the Group’s management team, is responsible for setting
direction and ensuring consistency among our business units on environmental and social issues. The Group Sustainability
Steering Committee has endorsed a number of Group-wide policies, such as the Group Sustainability Policy, Green Office
Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which has
been included in the vendor selection process.
The Group Green Taskforce, which comprises members of the Group, NWCL, NWDS and NWS, integrates sustainability policies
into the Group’s core businesses, monitors sustainability performance and shares best practices. Under the Group’s direction,
our subsidiaries implement their own sustainability initiatives and disclose ESG information with reference to the ESG Reporting
Guide issued by HKEx.
Our management approach to sustainability reflects our corporate structure, with each of the Group’s listed business units
– NWDS and NWS – exercising operational control in their respective areas of specialisation and expertise. Please refer to
sustainability reports from NWDS and NWS for more information, available at
, respectively.
Group Sustainability
Steering Committee
Group Green
Sets sustainability policies and objectives
Provides strategic direction for the Group’s sustainability programmes
Executes sustainability programmes on a day-to-day basis, e.g. date collection
Exchanges best practices between members of NWD, NWCL, NWDS
and NWS
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