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Headquartered in Hong Kong, NewWorld Development
Company Limited (“NWD” and the “Group”, HK Stock Code:
0017), was founded in 1970 and listed on the Hong Kong
Stock Exchange in 1972. Two listed companies under New
World Group are NewWorld Department Store China Limited
(“NWDS”; HK Stock Code: 0825) and NWS Holdings Limited
(“NWS”; HK Stock Code: 0659). A publicly listed company in
Hong Kong as of 31 July 2016, NewWorld China Land Limited
(“NWCL”; HK Stock Code: 0917) became an indirect wholly-
owned subsidiary of NWD on 3 August 2016.
NWD’s Business Highlights (as at 30 June 2016):
Financial position
Cash and bank balances:
HK$55,170.8 million
Net debt:
HK$77,048.8 million
Gearing ratio:
HK$59,570.0 million
Profit attributable to equity shareholders:
HK$8,666.3 million
Dividend per share:
Please refer to our Annual Report 2016 for further information.
The principal activities of NWD are property development
and investment. Stakeholder-centric and environmentally
conscious, our development business executes projects
from land acquisition to property management. Our diverse
property investment portfolio comprising shopping malls
and serviced apartments, among others, provides the Group
with rental income. The Group also invests in hotels in Hong
Kong, Mainland China and Southeast Asia.
NWCL is the flagship Mainland China property arm of
the Group and is one of the leading large-scale national
developers in Mainland China with investments in residential
projects, serviced apartments, villas, offices, shopping centres,
mixed-use comprehensive buildings, hotels and resorts
in major cities or transportation hubs. The Group has also
established a revolutionary museum/retail concept, “K11” in
Hong Kong and Shanghai. By 2020, the “K11” concept will
be expanded to include a portfolio of 19 projects across
Mainland China.
NWS, our publicly-listed business unit, operates a range
of businesses in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau,
including roads, energy, water, and ports and logistics.
NWS’ services portfolio comprises facilities management,
construction, transport and strategic investments. Please refer
to NWS’ corporate website (
for details.
NWDS, our publicly-listed business unit, is one of the largest
owners and operators of department stores in Mainland
China. Please refer to NWDS’ corporate website
) for details.
For more information about our businesses, including a
discussion about the challenges and opportunities we face
and our management approach to them, please refer to
the relevant sections of our Annual Report 2016, which is
available at
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