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I am delighted to present our fourth Group Sustainability Report, which celebrates our
achievements and communicates the impacts we have made in our sustainability journey
over the past year.
Under the theme “From Inspiration to Innovation”, this Report focuses on our unique brand
personality of The Artisanal Movement, which underpins everything we do at NewWorld
Group. Accordingly, our Report is divided into sections named after the five elements of The
Artisanal Movement – Imagination, Bespoke, Craftsmanship, Heritage and Contemporary.
We embed sustainability into our operations not only by instilling green thinking into our
operations but also by listening to our stakeholders and enhancing their experience with us
in pursuit of a sophisticated yet minimalist lifestyle. Being NewWorld Artisans, we use our
creativity and imagination to translate this approach into practical innovation.
As a premium brand infused with a unique personality defined by The Artisanal Movement, we
make a positive impact on the community while delivering against our business objectives. To
understand the extent of our influence, we regularly engage our diverse group of stakeholders
and invite their feedback on our performance. This process of stakeholder engagement not
only provides us with the opportunity to share our sustainability vision, but also allows for the
strategic integration of sustainability issues into our business operations and decision-making.
It further enables us to take a long-term, stakeholder-centric view of planning while paying
attention to the finer details through the provision of memorable and meaningful experiences
in our products and services.
To go above the norm of sustainability practice, we invite distinguished architects from around
the world to design our properties and encourage our in-house talent to apply design thinking
in their roles. Beyond the green building certifications we have achieved, we are also exploring
ways of tracking the ongoing performance of our BEAM/BEAM Plus or LEED certified buildings
in Hong Kong and Mainland China and sharing our green property management practices
with our tenants and customers.
On a regular basis, we gather feedback on the aesthetics and usability of our products
and services from internal and external stakeholders. Our commitment to user-focused
environmental sustainability is also demonstrated by the implementation of a Group-wide
Green Office Policy and our continued support for tenants and customers who wish to join us
in greening their operations.
As a forward-looking corporation, we inspire the bright minds of the future through leadership
development such as our Group Management Trainee and Internship Programme. Additionally,
our NewWorld Springboard Programme gives under-resourced youth in the community the
skills they require to achieve upward social mobility.
At NewWorld Group, we welcome the introduction of a more stringent Environmental, Social
and Governance Reporting Guide by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited as an
opportunity to review and showcase our performance. We also believe it provides impetus
for other Hong Kong companies to engage their stakeholders on issues of sustainability and
to think creatively in their businesses. For our own part, we will continue to pursue innovation
through existing channels such as our Incubation Circle and Voice of Customers platforms that
help us, as artisans, turn ideas into reality.
I hope you enjoy reading our Sustainability Report. As you are one of our important
stakeholders, I encourage you to offer us your feedback and comments so that we can
improve our sustainability performance and communication with you.
Dr. Cheng Chi-Kong, Adrian
Executive Vice-chairman & Joint General Manager
Chairperson of NewWorld Group Sustainability Steering Committee
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