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We are very pleased to present our third Sustainability Report, which offers detailed information about our approach to
corporate sustainability, key initiatives and achievements during the past year.
To achieve sustainable growth, we believe it is important to adopt corporate sustainability in our daily operations and maintain
a balance between pursuing returns (Profit), environmental protection (Planet) and community development (People).
Manifested by originality, our bespoke craftsmanship lies in every detail. From design concept to customer service, our projects
epitomise the true spirit of The Artisanal Movement, which defines our unique cultural brand.
At New World, We Are All Artisans! We are devoted to expanding one’s imagination. The K11 Art Foundation provides
a creative incubation platform to nurture young artists in Greater China, while promotes art appreciation in the community.
The New World Springboard sustainable community programme demonstrates our commitment to improving social mobility
of under-resourced youths through professional sports training and mentorship. It is encouraging that a record number of
young swimmers finished New World Harbour Race 2015, an iconic annual event that promotes sports for all. We take pride
in our community initiatives, as well as employee well-being and family-friendly measures which have earned us widespread
recognition, including best practice and outstanding corporate citizenship awards.
We also adopt a life cycle approach to systematically address sustainability and stakeholder issues during the property
development process. 98% of the total gross floor area of our ongoing development projects in Hong Kong received green
certifications, which is a significant improvement from 62% in 2010.
Through group integration, we create synergy to improve our sustainability performance. We value your feedback on this
report. Together, we can create a better New World for all.
Adrian Cheng
Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager
Chairperson of New World Group Sustainability Steering Committee
New World Group
Sustainability Report 2015
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