Sustainability Report 2015 - page 11

The Group’s infrastructure and services flagship NWS Holdings Limited embraces a range of businesses in Hong Kong,
Mainland China and Macau. Its infrastructure business comprises roads, energy, water, and ports and logistics with an extensive
business network in managing and operating 69 projects and two strategic investments. NWS has expanded its business to
commercial aircraft leasing by acquiring 40% equity interest in Goshawk Aviation Limited.
The road portfolio comprises 20 roads and related projects in strategic locations in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Shanxi and
Tianjin. In addition to operating three power plants in Guangdong and Sichuan and a coal distributor in Guangdong, NWS also
invests in water treatment projects, sludge treatment projects and technical consultancy companies in Mainland China, Hong
Kong and Macau. NWS has three port projects in strategic coastal cities of Mainland China. Through a joint venture, it develops
and operates a large-scale pivotal rail container terminal network across Mainland China.
NWS’s services comprise facilities management, construction and transport and strategic investments. Its services include the
management and operation of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, an award winning venue for international exhibitions
and conventions, and Free Duty shops at Hong Kong’s cross-border transport terminals and Macau International Airport.
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Sustainability Report 2015
Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway
(Guangzhou-Zhuhai Section)
Tianjin Five Continents International
Container Terminal
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