Sustainability Report 2014 - page 8

Infrastructure and Service
NWS Holdings Limited (NWS) under the Group provides
infrastructure facilities and public service in Hong Kong,
Mainland China and Macau.
NWS’s infrastructure business, comprising roads,
energy, water and ports and logistics, aims to boost
living standards of the public. Its toll roads and related
projects are located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi,
Shangxi, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Hong Kong. In
addition to operating power plants in Guangdong and
Sichuan and coal handling pier in Guangdong, NWS
also invested in a number of water, sludge and waste
treatment projects in Mainland China, Hong Kong and
Macau, and technical consultancy companies. NWS has
three port projects in strategic coastal cities of Mainland
China. It also develops and operates 18 large-scale
pivotal rail container terminals across Mainland China
and logistics services in Hong Kong.
NWS’s services cover facilities management,
construction & transport and strategic investments.
These services include the management and operation
of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and
Free Duty shops at land boundary control points, and
professional facility services in Hong Kong, Mainland
China and Southeast Asia. It also provides one-stop
construction services for many leading clients and
developers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, plus bus
and ferry transport services, and strategic investments.
Department Stores
Established in 1993 and publicly listed in Hong Kong in
2007, the Group’s retail flagship NewWorld Department
Store is one of the largest owners and operators of
department stores in Mainland China. Its retail portfolio
comprises 31 “NewWorld”branded department
stores across the nation, 10 “ Ba Li Chun Tian”branded
department stores and shopping malls in Shanghai,
and the “Shanghai Hongxin Trendy Plaza” shopping
mall. Covering a total GFA of over 1.6 million sq m, its
department store retail chain spans 21 major cities in
Mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang,
Wuhan and Chengdu.
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Wuhan NewWorld Department Store - Wuchang Branch Store
ATL Logistic Centre
Hong Kong NewWorld Department Store - Shanghai Chengshan Branch Store
Guangzhou Northern Ring Road
NewWorld First Ferry
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