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NewWorld Group
Sustainability Report 2014
Ou r Busi ness
Property Development
Catering to the needs of different customers, residential
projects developed and invested by the Group are
meticulously planned by professional teams. The
unique designs, premium building materials, attentive
service and innovative management of our projects
offer customers an experience like no other.
As at 30 June 2014, the Group’s major property
development portfolio in Hong Kong comprises 29
As at 30 June 2014, the Group’s investment property
portfolio in Hong Kong comprises 18 major projects.
Shanghai K11 Art Mall
Total GFA (sq ft):
14 , 222 , 050
Retail (sq ft):
86 , 667
Residential (sq ft):
6 , 359 , 654
Total Attributable GFA (sq ft):
6 , 446 , 321
Total GFA (sq ft):
15 , 868 , 364
Retail (sq ft):
1 , 607 , 732
Office (sq ft):
681 , 353
Hotel (sq ft):
2 , 159 , 227
Residential (sq ft):
116 , 954
Others (sq ft):
3 , 771 , 464
Carpark (Number):
4 , 338
Total Attributable GFA (sq ft):
8 , 336 , 730
The Signature
NewWorld China Land, the flagship property arm of
the Group in Mainland China, is one of the leading
developers in the market. Listed in Hong Kong in 1999,
it has properties located in more than 20 major cities
in Mainland China, including large-scale residential
projects, service apartments, villas, offices, shopping
centres, multi-purpose buildings, hotels and resorts.
The Group’s property portfolio comprises shopping
malls, offices, hotels and service apartments,
dominating prime business districts along Victoria
Harbour. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, K11 integrates three
core elements, Art
Nature, into its business
philosophy. The innovative positioning of K11 inspires
the public to make art a part of their daily lives. In
recent years, K11 has been expanding its presence in
Mainland China, with the opening of Shanghai K11
Art Mall in June 2013. Discovery Park Shopping Centre
in Tsuen Wan is one of the popular destinations for
shopping and leisure in the district.
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