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Ma nagement
which include professional sports training and mentorship
for under-resourced youth. It is encouraging to see that
young swimmers from NewWorld Springboard compete
in NewWorld Harbour Race alongside international
contestants. Their great results motivate us to nurture more
budding athletes for Hong Kong.
It is our strong belief that there is always room for
improvement and we are actively benchmarking with
international best practices. Policies, guidelines and code
of conducts are being developed to further strengthen our
internal systems.
Sustainability is a joint project and this is why stakeholder
engagement is a significant aspect of our sustainability
philosophy. We are developing a comprehensive
stakeholder engagement system, while continuing to
connect with our internal and external stakeholders
through various means. We value your feedback on this
report. Together, we can create a better NewWorld for all.
Adrian Cheng
Executive Director and Joint General Manager
Chairpersonof NewWorldGroupSustainability SteeringCommittee
We are delighted to present our second Sustainability
Report, which offers detailed information about our
approach to corporate sustainability, key initiatives and
achievements during the past year.
Our “3Ps” approach to corporate sustainability continues
to underpin the Group’s various initiatives, that is,
while pursuing returns (Profit) from our wide range of
businesses, we are keen to support the development of
different stakeholders in our community (People) and our
environment (Planet) to make the world a better place for
Property development is one of our core businesses. We
strive to be a community builder and adopt a life cycle
approach to systematically address sustainability and
stakeholder issues during the property development
process. This also works to create synergy to improve our
sustainability performance.
We believe art is part of our everyday lives, a powerful
platform that sparks off our creativity. K11 Art Foundation
promotes art appreciation in the community by facilitating a
diverse array of art exhibitions, workshops and seminars. We
also offer a sustainable platform to groom young, promising
artists in the contemporary art sector of Asia, enabling the
region to become a leading multi-cultural art hub.
Entering its third year, NewWorld Springboard continues
to promote equal opportunities for all and improve social
mobility with various sustainable community programmes
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