Sustainability Report 2014 - page 11

NewWorld Group
Sustainability Report 2014
Ma nagement Approa ch to Corporate Susta i nability
NewWorldGroup strives tomaintain
a balance betweenmaking profit and
fulfilling its responsibilities towards the
environment and the community by
incorporating sustainable development
considerations into its daily operations.
The Group is committed to delivermore
than the hardware to the communities
inwhich it operates in order to create
a better andmore harmonious society.
We believe in equal opportunities for
everyone andwork to improve social
mobility of under-resourced children
and youth through corporate
sustainability initiatives focusing on
sports, art and culture.
The following structure of sustainability committees and task force are established to ensure sustainability
messages are effectively communicated vertically and horizontally within NewWorld Group.
Day-to-day execution of sustainability programmes
e.g. data collection
Exchange best practices between Group companies
Set sustainability policies and objectives
Provide strategic directions of Group’s sustainability programmes
Group Sustainability
Steering Committee
Group Companies
Sustainability Committees
Group Sustainability
Identify sustainability issues relevant to nature of business
Formulate and implement sustainability programmes at
Group company level
NewWorld Group’s Sustainability
Our Belief
In order to achieve long-term sustainable growth, New
World Group is committed to minimizing the potential
environmental impacts and improving the quality of
the communities where we operate while providing a
reasonable return to our investors at the same time.
We Strive to
exceed statutory requirements in relation to
sustainability issues;
engage our stakeholders and develop mutual
communication on our sustainability performances;
minimise the potential environmental impacts of our
projects as far as practicable;
enhance the quality of life for the communities
where we operate;
provide a safe working environment for our
employees and inspire them to grow with the
influence our supply chain to share our belief with
regard to corporate sustainability; and
continuously improve our sustainability performance
through monitoring and reporting.
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