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Infrastructure and Service
Capitalising on the urban development in Mainland China, New World
Group’s infrastructure flagship NWS Holdings has contributed tremendously
to its infrastructure portfolio. Comprising roads, energy, water and ports and
logistics, NWS’s infrastructure portfolio includes toll roads and related projects
at strategic locations such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Shanxi, Tianjin
and Hong Kong; power plants in Guangdong, Sichuan and Macau; a number
of water plants, sewage and sludge treatment projects in Mainland China
and Macau; ports in Xiamen and Tianjin; large-scale pivotal rail container
terminals across Mainland China and logistics business in Hong Kong. Its
myriad of infrastructure projects
boosts living standards and facilitates
communication between cities,
affirming Mainland China’s status as
an international hub.
NWS’s services comprise management
of Hong Kong Convention and
Exhibition Centre and Free Duty,
construction projects in Hong Kong,
Mainland China and overseas cities,
bus and ferry services as well as
strategic investments.
Department Store
Established in 1993 and
publicly listed in Hong Kong
in 2007, New World Group’s
retail flagship New World
Department Store was one
of the first retail operators
to enter the Mainland China
market. It operates over
30 “New World” branded
depar tment stores with
a large national network
covering over 20 major cities
in Mainland China, including
Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan and Chengdu; as well as 10 “Ba Li Chun
Tian” branded department stores in Shanghai.
“To create a modern, metropolitan lifestyle with creativity, foresight and
efficiency in China” being its mission, NWDS launched “Living Gallery”, a
one-stop department store, and “Fashion Gallery”, a themed department
store in 2009 to cater
to the various needs of
customers and give them
a brand new shopping
Shenyang New World Department Store Zhonghua Road
Ba Li Chun Tian Shanghai Pujian Branch
New World Group Sustainability Report 2013
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