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Retail (sq ft)
Total Attributable GFA (sq ft)
Total GFA (sq ft)
Residential (sq ft)
Carpark (number)
Total Attributable GFA (sq ft)
Residential (sq ft)
Others (sq ft)
Office (sq ft)
Hotel (sq ft)
Total GFA (sq ft)
Retail (sq ft)
Residential projects are the star of the Group’s property development portfolio
in Hong Kong and Mainland China. From overall planning and greening to
building materials and design aesthetic to interior design, the Group strives for
perfection and uniqueness while catering to the needs of our customers.
As at 30 June 2013, the Group’s major property development portfolio in Hong
Kong comprises 27 projects.
Our sizeable investment property portfolio encompasses shopping malls,
offices, hotels and service apartments. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, K11 Art
Mall embodies a brand philosophy of Art · People · Nature. Set near the hills
in Tsuen Wan, the 630,000 sq ft Discovery Park Shopping Centre creatively
blends leisure with shopping.
As at 30 June 2013, the Group’s investment property portfolio in Hong Kong
comprises 19 major completed projects.
The Group has been shaping
the development of Mainland
China and raising living
standards for our residents
since the 90s. Listed in
Hong Kong in 1999, NWCL
is one of the first Hong Kong
property developers to break
into the Mainland China
market, with Marriott China
Hotel Guangzhou being
the first Sino-foreign joint
venture hotel in Mainland
China. NWCL has invested
in projects in over 20 first-
tier cities in Mainland China,
with projects ranging from
residential estates, villas,
service apartments, hotels
and resorts, to offices,
shopping malls and mixed-
use complexes.
The Signature
Discovery Park – Shopping Centre
New World Group Sustainability Report 2013
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