Sustainability Report 2013 - page 46

Appendix 1 - Scope of Reporting
New World Development Company Limited (NWD)
Corporate Office
K11 Concepts Limited (K11)
Discovery Park Commercial Services Limited (DPCSL)
New World Telecommunications Limited (NWT)
New World TMT Limited (NWTMT)
New World Facilities Management Company Ltd (NWFM)
NWS Holdings Limited (NWS)
Corporate Office
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
(Management) Limited (HML)
Hip Hing Construction Company Limited and
its subsidiaries (Hip Hing)
New World First Bus Services Limited /
Citybus (NWFB/CB) (50% owned)
New World First Ferry Services Limited (NWFF)
(50% owned)
Free Duty (FD)
New World China Land Company Limited
Corporate Office in Hong Kong and
various development projects in
Mainland China
New World Department Store China Limited
Corporate Office in Hong Kong and
department stores in over 20 major cities in
Mainland China
New World Group Sustainability Report 2013
Appendix 1 - Scope of Reporting
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