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In an effort to enhance the transparency of our corporate sustainability
programmes and communication with our stakeholders, we are delighted
to present New World Group’s first Sustainability Report. The Report gives
an account of our approach towards corporate sustainability and highlights
the key initiatives taken in the areas we focus on during the past year. From
reading this Report, we hope that you will gain a better understanding of our
commitment towards building a better and a more sustainable future for all.
To consolidate the efforts New World Group had made on the sustainability
front in the past years, a Group Sustainability Steering Committee was formed
in 2012, comprising all major Group companies. Charged with the responsibility
to formulate policies, objectives and targets, the Committee guides Group
companies towards attaining goals in the direction set by the Sustainability
The scope of sustainability stretches widely – to make the best use of
our resources, our focus is on art and culture, youth development, and
environmental protection. Against this backdrop, the Group has implemented
a series of programmes which promote the mentioned key areas.
Over the years, New World Group spares no effort to promote art and culture.
Through K11 Art Foundation (“KAF”), up-and-coming artists are nurtured,
giving them a global platform for their creative ideas and contribution to
humanity. KAF also provides local communities with an easy access to
appreciate art and thereby elevating our understanding of culture.
New World Springboard, our sustainable community programme launched in
2012, marks an important milestone of our commitment to youth development
through promoting sports. Under-resourced students from five districts have
joined the free long-term swimming and basketball training and New World
Group staff members have been recruited as mentors, providing students with
guidance and encouragement on their personal development.
As a property developer, we strive to contribute to a better living environment
through innovation and sustainable growth. To this end, green designs and
provisions are carefully incorporated into our property projects. We have
achieved some of the highest green certifications in our recent projects and
will continue to bring to our customers quality developments while minimising
their impact to the environment.
Since sustainability is a co-operative mission, we strive to further engage our
stakeholders including our employees, customers, business partners, NGOs,
government officials and the media, such that improvements in our various
endeavours can be achieved. Meanwhile, we welcome your feedback on the
Report and your thoughts and ideas on how we can create a better New World
for all.
Adrian Cheng
Executive Director and Joint General Manager
Chairperson of New World Group Sustainability Steering Committee
Message from Management
New World Group Sustainability Report 2013
Message from Management
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