Sustainability Report 2013 - page 11

Building a desirable living environment has always been one of the prime
objectives of New World Group. Not just focusing on the development of
projects such as residential buildings, shopping malls, hotels and commercial
complexes, the Group also strives to create a better and more harmonious
community. New World Group believes in equal opportunities for everyone in
our society and dedicates to improving the social mobility of under-resourced
children and youths through corporate sustainability initiatives focusing on
sports, arts and culture. The Group has always strived to be a responsible
corporate citizen and pursuing profits is not the Group’s sole objective – it
also actively promotes the development of the community, our staff and the
environment to create a better New World.
Management Approach to Corporate Sustainability
New World Group is committed to incorporating corporate sustainability
into our daily operations and striking a balance between profit and our
responsibilities towards the environment and the community.
The Group established its Group Sustainability Steering Committee
(the “Steering Committee”) chaired by Mr Adrian Cheng, Executive
Director and Joint General Manager, at the beginning of 2012 and members
comprise Chairpersons from the Sustainability Committees of Group
@New World
New World Group Sustainability Report 2013
Management Approach to Corporate Sustainability
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